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The Car Trade Revisited

Interesting & humorous content of "The Car Trade" over the decades.

Who remembers using this reply?


"One owner?  Of course it is.

It has a full service history available too.

Owned by an old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays"


"Do I have one in stock? Of course we do. When can we get together to discuss a delivery time that suits you?"



My name is Gordon McLeish

With over 50 years in the auto industry I reckon I've seen and heard it all.

So much so, people kept saying to me..... "you should write a book or even do a podcast".

Well, I've taken their challenge and am going to give it a go and see if hopefully, they're right. 

I've tried to make this an interesting and fun sort of site with lots of weird car trade info I've come across over those years.

So please, spend some time wondering around and hopefully you will enjoy your visit. Cheers, Gordon.

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